What is this oxygen facial that is mentioned so often on Yelp?: There are many ways to use oxygen in skin care and they do different things, some more effectively than others. What Remedy offers is what Colorado needs most: HYDRATION. I use oxygen as a delivery system for hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic is a part of the skin’s extra-cellular matrix and a vital component in hydration. Think of a baby; a sweet, chubby, pinch-your-cheeks baby. What you see in that baby skin is the result of hyaluronic acid in the skin as the body grows. As we age, we start to lose hyaluronic, and by the time we are 40, we have less than half of what we started with. The oxygen facial that Remedy offers in the Signature Facial delivers hyaluronic to the skin in a very deep way, offering last-lasting hydration that goes well beyond the facial. On your first treatment, I like to perform the treatment on one side of the skin first and then show you the difference between the two sides. What you will see is that one side is lifted, with redefined contours. The lips will be plump, the cheeks full, and the skin will have beautiful bounce from all the hydration. Then of course we continue on to the other side :-)  The Remedy Signature includes an exfoliation (dermaplane, enzyme, peel, or microderm) followed by the oxygen treatment and all the pampering massage you expect from a facial. The only other place that I know in Denver that offers the treatment is a five star hotel downtown and they charge well over a $100 more than I do. Keep it local, support small business, and get the same amazing beautiful results. It’s a win-win!


It’s my first massage, what should I expect? Your first massage is amazing and I am so glad you chose Remedy to get started. When you arrive, I’ll have you fill out an intake to learn about your needs for the day and your health history. We’ll discuss what you need from your massage and I’ll take some notes for my plan of action. Then I will step out of the room and give you privacy to undress to your comfort level. Sometimes people leave their underwear on, sometimes they take it off for the massage. Either way is fine with me and you will be fully and professionally draped the whole time. The table has a warmer on it that can be adjusted to your liking. I also utilize a white noise machine and music during the treatment, both of which can be customized. I’ve done massage to everything from Lana del Rey and Iron & Wine to traditional soothing spa music.

I start the treatment with some guided inhalations of the best essential oil for you and then start with the bodywork. I’ll check in with you to make sure pressure is good and please give me feedback if at any time you need more or less pressure. When you turn face-up, I use a neck roll for support and have an eye mask for light. Sometimes people fall asleep and sometimes they like to talk. Whatever you need is perfect- the time is yours and I am here to help. When our session is finished, I’ll step out to give you time to get up and get dressed again. Be sure and drink lots of water after your first and every session!


Where are you located? For now, Remedy is strictly outcalls. Let me fight traffic, not you! I’ll come to your home or business with my table, linens, oils, music, and very strong hands.


Will I be red and blotchy after my facial? Most people are not, as I take very good care to be gentle and watch your skin very closely during your treatment. If we perform a peel, dermaplane, or microderm you will be more sensitive for a day or so and may come up more red after you work out, eat spicy foods, or drink alcohol. It’s important after a facial not to touch the skin too much, especially not with dirty hands, as that can lead to breakouts. Hands-off is a good rule of thumb whether you’ve just had a facial or not :-) Please let me know of any important upcoming events and we will design a protocol that will leave you looking stunning!