Antioxidant Serum + SPF. Better together.

photo credit: French Words

photo credit: French Words

Denver summertime during the scorching intensity of the day is not to be taken casually. At a mile high, hovering at 90’ F, and kissed with the carbon excesses of growth, Denver can be like a dry clay oven.  It’s precarious to the skin.

At our altitude, the sun’s rays are filtered very little, making them stronger and more detrimental to the skin. I also don’t know anyone in the entirely of the Front Range who isn’t into running, hiking, climbing, biking, or some other outdoor activity. So what do we do to stay protected? Because evening laps around City Park don’t cut it for everyone.

Sunscreen is the obvious answer. Find one that you like and slather it on.  At Remedy, I carry Sanitas Solar Block because it contains antioxidants, is a physical block, and has additional hyaluronic acid and other moisturizers. I apply it 20 minutes before I head out, not only because it takes about that long to offer full protection, but also because any white residue from the micronized zinc oxide dissipates by that point. 

You need to look for SPF with added antioxidants. Even better, apply an antioxidant serum before you apply your sunscreen. Serums will be more potent and penetrate better, allowing for much better skin protection that just a sunscreen alone. They will also offer you extra – and much needed- hydration to the skin.

Also, eat the rainbow. Internal antioxidants protect us too. More on that in a later post. The take-away on today is that in my opinion, a sunscreen alone isn’t enough, especially in a place like Colorado. Apply an antioxidant serum first (I really like the Intraceuticals Vit C+3 and Antioxidant Boosters) and then your sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen generously. My partner said to me the other day, “You smell like the beach” and I knew I probably had enough on.

Happy summer, Colorado! We really miss you, come February.