Micro-bead Ban passes!

President Obama signed the Micro-bead Free Waters Act into law on December 28th, which bans the manufacture of microbeads starting in 2017, with a total ban on all sales by 2019. Why is this important? As I discussed in August 2015, micro-beads menace our oceans, waterways, and lakes. The tiny particles found in personal care items like toothpaste, body wash, and facial exfoliators wash off of us and into our water sources. The tiny plastic particles absorb toxins, hormones, and other nasties. Small aquatic life forms then consume the beads and then all those nasties are then entered into the food chain. Into you.

The Huffington Post reports of a study out of the Oregon State University found that eight billion micro-beads are sent into aquatic environments each day in the U.S.

Eight billion.

If you happen to own products that contain micro-beads (look for "polyethylene" or "polypropylene" in the ingredient deck), please take my advice from last year. Don't open it. Don't use it. Keep it sealed up.

Please bring any products that you're unsure of into Remedy and I'll take a look and dispose of them properly for you if need be. Thank you for supporting mindful beauty and this wondrous beautiful blue plant! #skinsorcery