Self-Care before everything else


I know that we are all so busy. Kids, partners, jobs, making the world a better place... this all takes time, sometimes it feels like it takes all the damn time I've got in a day, in a week, in a year. BUT there's always more time, and it's such a relief once you finally accept it and start enjoying that time. Close the facebook tab, close instagram. Turn off the tv. There's hours right there- hours that are now yours. YOUR TIME- not marketing telling what to buy, how to look, what's cool now, what everyone else is doing. They belong to you. Shutting off those devices just rewarded you big time. I talk to almost every client about how they're practicing self-care. I feel like sometimes we just need someone else to give up permission to put ourselves first. We are good to no one else if we're not good to ourselves.

Here's a little list of my favorite forms of self-care:

1. Pay your body monthly with a massage or facial. You pay your utility bills without a thought, make your body a utility. It has to get paid for all the work it does for you! Having that appointment on your schedule to look forward to all month will do wonders for your soul.

2. Group fitness classes. I love to run, have done it with joy since high school. It's a very solo activity though and I feel it's important to supplement with group fitness activities so that I'm smiling, connecting, and sometimes struggling, with others. My current favorite classes are at BYSE4, down the street from my home. Emma's barre class leaves me sore for days and I love it.

3. Sleep (or fake it). In my next life I will be a sleeper. This life? It's a struggle and the struggle is real. I do best when I have evening rituals: walk the puppy, shower, turn on the humidifier, spray some Dream Weaver Mist, keep the room cool, read a book. I try and keep a good a attitude about sleep, even if it's elusive. If I haven't slept well, I will still workout, smile at people around me, and just push through. I pretend! Science backs me up on this:

4. Socialize. Being around people, hopefully those who inspire you with ideas and deeds to be better, is the best medicine. When I travel alone, I always sit at the bar to eat and talk to those around me. It's one of my favorite rituals and I've had beautiful discussions with people this way. I also socialize with a bunch of really fun kids through my volunteer work. Kids keep it real.

5. Eat real food. What is it that MIchael Pollan said? "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

And take a probiotic and Vit D every day :-)