Yesterday I had needles in my eyelids, nbd.

5 minutes after the needles in the eyelids. Given what had just happened, the worst thing that I see in this photo is that my lipstick is smudged.

5 minutes after the needles in the eyelids. Given what had just happened, the worst thing that I see in this photo is that my lipstick is smudged.

As someone who has struggled with acne scars left over from some brutal teenage years, mIcro-needling has long been on my radar. I have friends and colleagues who have tried it, with fabulous results, but after seeing someone receive the treatment earlier this year, I lost quite a bit of interest. The poor woman was bloody. She actually had blood dripping down her face. There was no way I was going to put myself through that.

The science though, the science is there. I believe micro-needling is set to take away our reliance on the heavy duty lasers and light machines, and it will do so with none of the downtime and cost associated with laser. We used to believe we had to absolutely torture the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Not so, says current science. According to the gentleman I spoke to yesterday, we just need to tickle the Dermal-Epidermal junction to stimulate cytokines to send stem cells out for repair and to encourage collagen production. The same results, with less pain. 

For my treatment yesterday, I was prepped with a mild numbing cream. It took about 15 minutes for me numb up, during which time my technician worked the cream into my skin with some deft massage movements. This helped the cream penetrate while helping me relax. I was still thinking of the poor woman I had seen receive the treatment. Turns out, there's different types of micro-needling.

I had nothing to worry about. In just a year, the science and technology has improved so much, that my experience was pretty much blood-free. The needles come down at about 90 per second and are .25 mm long. It feels absolutely bizarre. it's not at all painful, but it's not relaxing. It felt like results. It felt like I'm-gonna-look-better and for that, I'll put up with quite a bit. 

He went over my entire face and neck, paying special attention to places that needed a bit more encouragement, i.e., that looked old or had visible scars. He finished with my eyes. Whoa... the eyes. He had me keep my eyes open while he had the lower lid secure and then treated right up to my lash line. With my eyes open!  Then he treated the upper lid. There were needles right over my eyeballs! Stamping into my skin! That was the part where I had to summon every ounce of Hawaii-learned chill I had in me. Every ounce of vanity too.

The whole treatment took about 45 minutes, start to finish. It wasn't at all painful. It was fascinating above all else. Simply fascinating- and something I am so stinkin' excited about as the future of skincare. I left looking a bit sunburned, and today my skin is more sensitive and a bit more pink than usual. You need to take care post-treatment to keep good products on the skin and bacteria off. As soon as I got home, Daisy ran up and put one dirty puppy paw on my cheek and I thought I was done for. 

As an esthetician, I feel very strongly that your time with me shouldn't just be about relaxation. I want you to walk out of my studio looking good BUT I'll assign you homework (home care and a course of action) to actually change your skin, not just make it look good for the day. This tool is the way to dramatically change the skin. Watch this space for micro-needling to come to Remedy!