Mother's Day Special

For moms of babes, puppy mamas, women who mother communities, all of us-- Mother's Day is fast approaching! I'm offering a gift with purchase of a Crushed Rose Kit by Sanitas with any $125 or more gift certificate purchase. This offer is good all month -- hurry and jump on it! We expect Sanitas will sell out of the kits quickly. Each one has a retail value of $45 and you are welcome just to purchase one on its own too. This is the only chance to take home the Rose Scrub that Sanitas offered many moons ago and so many of us have missing it since. The Ritual: come get a massage from me, return home, apply scrub to face (and take it on down the body, no worries), gently massage, remove with warm water. Run a bath. Mist face with Rose Hydrosol, apply VitaRich Mask (full of hyaluronic and antioxidants), pour Milk Bath into bath and slip in and let your weary body absorb all that nourishment. A new mix of Rose Absolute and Rose Geranium makes this reformulated rose even more beautiful. XO