Beauty on a deadline


I've got an upcoming special event in just over a week and the ticket was just purchased today. Deep breath...

Ok, here's what I'm going to do to get my skin looking really really good in a short amount of time:

1. ProCell Immediately. I have numbing cream on my face as I type this. Microneedling oneself isn't the most awesome, but I can do it. I have a very brave client who is allergic to all the "caines" so she can't use numbing cream. I did a needling on myself sans numbing cream last year to understand what she would feel. It's doable but not something I would suggest if you have an option. Her results were so fabulous though, totally worth it.

Doing the treatment a week out will mean any redness or sensitivity will definitely have gone away and I'll be left with nothing but juiciness. And truly, you haven't lived until you've introduced 90 needles per second to your own upper lip. Out, out damn lip lines. (book the Procell treatment)

2. Dermaplane in four days. If I happen to peel (not usual) from the microneedling, the dermaplane will remove any flaky dead skin cells, along with the vellus hair (peach fuzz) that's not so subtle in the sunlight. It will also leave a clear canvas for my next treatment. (book the Reflect Light facial)

3. Oxygen facial right after the dermaplane and then again the day before I leave. Both the micro-needling and the dermaplane will have set up my skin to be at its optimum for absorption. The hyaluronic acid infused during the oxygen facial deeply hydrates the skin, lifting and contouring everything and giving a lit-from-within glow. (book the Remedy Signature)

Got a last minute situation? Call me, text me, book online. I've got a game plan. XO

*photo via ITG