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A Remedy for Acne Scarring (and much more)

The reason that I first entered into the field of skin care was a lifelong struggle with acne. Beyond the physical discomfort, I deeply understand the emotional toll that constant breakouts take on your mental well-being. It wasn't until my thirties that I finally really got a handle on everything, after working in the field for over ten years. I believe in a balanced approach using chemical peels, targeted light therapy, extractions, a good look at the diet, and a no-bad-thoughts-about-the skin approach. I have a high success rate in getting my beautiful client's skin balanced, and I believe it's from this tiered approach.

A bittersweet realty of acne is you are often left with the reminders of your success. Acne scars are like the ghosts of your hormonal younger years. I brought on micro-needling/micro-channeling last month to treat many skin conditions, scarring at the top of the list. I used to have to suggest deeper laser treatments with profound side effects and downtime to help with scarring. No longer. The photos below show a 22 year-old male before and after 4 treatments.

I am so excited and honored to be offering this treatment at Remedy. If you are a current client, you do not need to book a consultation before your micro-channeling appointment. If you are new to Remedy, let's talk and let me get to know you and your skin a bit first. Book a 30 min consultation or an Alchemy or Clearing facial first and we'll go from there!