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Off the grid for one week

Hello my lovelies! I'll be on a plane tomorrow morning and hopefully deep in Central America by tomorrow night. Please do continue to book online -- I won't have phone service and won't be able to answer/return any phone calls so that will be your best option. If you order anything from the site, it will also take a bit longer than usual to ship. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you all after my week of surfing, free-diving, reading, and slathering on SPF 50! XO

Holiday hours and gift certificates

Happy Solstice, everyone! The sun is coming back to us -- are you ready! I think YES.

I only have a few more 60 min appointments left this week, so please click on the Book Online tab and select what you need. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate from me directly, just shoot me a text or email and I'll make sure everything's all ready for you. I'll be at the studio until 1:30 on the 24th if you want to pick one up last minute. You can always buy massages and facials online as well and then just let the recipient know everything is taken care of and to book online.

I wish you all the warmest and happiest of celebrations with your loved ones! XO


Babyfeet now in stock! Get ready for summer.
Babyfootbefore andafter.jpg

Spring has arrived in Denver and finally (finally!) we are able to wear open-toe shoes instead of snow boots. I support everyone in the self-care industry, but I have to say that the latest addition to Remedy will make you visit your nail salon less and less often.

Introducing Babyfoot.

The treatment comes from Japan and is at the same time disgusting and glorious. Babyfoot consists of disposable booties that you wear for one hour. Remove, rinse your feet, and then wait about 2 days. Your feet will start to peel (and peel and peel and peel) for about 5 days. Once the initial shedding is over, sometimes Babyfoot comes back to surprise you and your feet may peel a little more. As the dead, rough skin leaves your feet, you’ll start to see the hint of pink peeking through. By 7-10 days out, your feet will be reborn.


I’ve done the treatment twice in the past year. One hour in the booties takes care of 6 months of running, hiking, dance, walking through Denver in sandals, and all matter of general foot unattractiveness.


Babyfeet, FTW.


*Available to take home for $25 or add on to any facial or massage for $20