Remedy Massage Services

Each massage will be customized to what your body desires on that specific day. We may incorporate Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lomi Lomi,  or Sports techniques. Pressure can be adjusted throughout and we have a selection of aromatic oils or unscented. It's your time- please just let me know what you need!


15 min extra (add 15 min to any massage or facial) $15

2 hours $135

30 min $40
60 min $75
90 min $105 

Prenatal massage is the same price for all times desired.

Outcalls- I'll come to you! You just relax and don't worry about a thing. I will come to your home or office- table, linens, oils, music in hand. Rates are just $20 extra and you will love the convenience. An in-home massage is also the perfect gift for almost anyone.

A special Pregnancy Pillow will be used for all Prenatal Massage (heavenly for mama!) with cut-outs for a growing belly and breasts.

Remedy Facial Services

Remedy Signature Facial

We begin with a gentle skin-smoothing exfoliation for a perfectly clear canvas. Next we deeply hydrate. Hyaluronic acid is our skin’s natural hydrator and as we age, we produce less and less of it. The Remedy Signature will reintroduce hyaluronic to the skin, using the most sophisticated form of hyaluronic acid available in skin care today. The serum is delivered via oxygen under pressure for a cooling, calming, skin-quenching delight.  The neck, shoulders, and hands receive extra love with a customized massage. A quick brow clean-up and you’ll walk out of Remedy looking radiant, relaxed, and years younger.
75 min, $130    Buy a package of 3 for $300

First time client, $100



Alchemy Facial


Completely customized to what you need today, truly a universal elixir. A delicious facial for those looking for a completely nourishing experience; your skin will be deeply cleansed, exfoliated, massaged, masked and pampered. This facial delivers a menu of skin-loving delicacies.                  60 min, $75    Buy a package of 3 for $200

Clearing Facial


Is your skin acting up? Redness, breakouts, clogged pores? Let's get you back on the dance floor. This facial will work to gently exfoliate the skin before we perform extractions and calm the skin with an appropriate mask. Pressure Point massage will be performed with a protocol that is specifically for problem-prone skin.
60 min, $85               Buy a package of 3 for $220

Reflect Light: Dermaplane Facial       

                                                                                       A customized facial and a dermaplaning together; exfoliation, hair removal, hydration, and lots of yummy massage.

                                                                                       75 min, $95    

Dermaplane for the back, 2 blades used, back facial post-treatment (perfect for weddings, fancy occasions, beach vacations) 60 min, $100 


Future Facial

This is the ultimate red carpet, big event, you-need-to-look-amazing-NOW facial. This facial utilizes the most advanced techniques in facial enhancements. Your skin will be hydrated from the inside out with an oxygen facial using hyaluronic acid, then lifted and toned with the Nuface device, and finally collagen-boosting and inflammation-easing red light therapy will be applied. Hydrated, lifted, glowing skin is yours.

90 min, $150    Buy a package of 3 for $380

Peel or Microderm

A treatment that minds the time and gets straight to the point. A cleanse and prep, then quick microderm or power peel, depending on what your skin needs. We'll finish with customized skin care and lots of SPF and send you on your glowing, radiant way!

30+ min, $50-65

Remedy Skin and Body

We begin with a one-hour Remedy massage, customized for you, using healing oils and hydrating creams. Then we flow into a 45 minute facial, with a focus on hydration, renewing, or clearing. Perfect as a skin and body reboot and a client favorite! This is is also my most popular gift option.

105 min, $140


Mini Facial

A mini version of the Alchemy or Clearing facial; 30 minutes of exfoliation, hydration, and massage when you need results, quickly.

30 min, $50

Remedy Extras

Please refrain from wearing waterproof eye makeup the day of your tint.

Brow and lash tint, brow wax or tweeze $60
Lash and brow tint $40
Lash tint $35 Brow tint $25

Choice of hard or soft wax

Upper lip $15
Brow $20+
Underarm $30
Bikini $45+